About us

Alpen Pharma in Hungary

The History of Alpen Pharma AG in Hungary began in 2016 with the opening of a representative office in Budapest. The company is working successfully with health care enterprises, national wholesale pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and pharmaceutical chains, and also with the final consumers.


Many years experience of our specialists in field of registration of pharmaceutical products allows us providing our partners with a spectrum of services on registration of medicines, food supplements and cosmetics on the territory of Hungary.



Our current product portfolio includes wide range of high-quality, over-the-counter drugs, medical devices as well as dietary supplements.



The popularity of the products, which are represented among doctors, employees at pharmacies and final consumers, is based on the combination of efficacy, blameless quality of products, competence and experience of our employees.


High professionalism of Pharmaceutical Representatives allows successful co-operation with pharmacists, providing continuous trainings with our partners of various fields which give opportunities to get detailed information on the products which are represented.


Nowadays the Representative Office solve its tasks successfully, develope and open new perspectives.