Isla® medic acute

Isla® medic acute is a sugar-free medical device which is citrus-honey flavoured, providing an effective solution for the treatment of cold symptoms for both adults and children, which can be taken from the age of 6. The throat lozenge contains a hydrogel complex of carbomer, xanthan gum and hyaluronic acid. Due to the water-binding ability of xanthan gum and the specific swelling ability of the carbomeric gelling agent, it forms a protective film on the irritated mucosa. A special property of hyaluronic acid in throat lozenges is that it forms a wet film on the mucosa. The dry sediment of a special extract made from Icelandic lichens hardened in the extreme climate of the far north contains 80% mucins. The extract dissolves while in the mouth and exerts its pleasant effect in it, forming a balm-like protective layer.
Isla® medic acute is vegan and doesn’t contain gelatin.